Know Your R.O.H. - Uncovering the Potential of Your Hygiene Team

Rachel Wall, RDH, BS
Time: 8:00 am - 11:30 am Code: T05 Cost: $15/$25 after Sept. 30

Recommended for: Hygienists | Subject: Return on Hygiene | CE Credits: 3

Course Description:

Is your hygiene team the backbone of your practice or the weakest link? Whatever your answer, there’s room for improvement and growth in every hygiene department. As one of the most overlooked and most important parts of your practice success, your hygiene team needs positive leadership, systems, and accountability to reach their full potential and deliver a strong return for patients, the providers themselves, and your practice.

Course Objectives:

  • Profitability – learn hygiene compensation principles that create healthy, long-term hygiene profitability.
  • Perio awareness – a specific formula for determining your practice’s perio potential.
  • Restorative co-diagnosis – three easy, actionable leadership principles you MUST implement to dramatically increase treatment enrolled in hygiene.
  • Hygiene open time – why your digital reminders may not be working.
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