Compliance Risk and How to Audit Your Own Practice

Christine Taxin
Time: 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm Code: F26 Cost: $20/$35 after Sept. 29
CE Credits:  3 Hour Lecture  |  Subject: Practice Management/Risk Management |  Recommended for: Dentists, Office Staff

Auditing has become a big business and with AI we really need to up our game.

Dentists get complacent about their clinical recordkeeping.  Usually, students write me a book, but after two years of working under the pressure of dealing with so many issues during the day, they start to Text Message their notes.  During this course, we will look at real-time information from companies that do audits for insurance companies. You will also learn what you can bill and how to never take no from them if they down code or change a code.

Learning Objectives:

  • Documentation skills from the first phone call to treatment planning and beyond.
  • What was documented from the dental history and the medical history? Where the documentation as a reason for the treatment you will recommend.
  • When you discuss the treatment plan, where, who and when is that completed?
  • What diagnostic tools were used to enhance your clinical examination?
  • Did the treatment documentation match the codes?
  • Are all forms needed to practice updated for every provider and in one place?
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