Introduction to Medical Billing, Advanced Billing & Coding

Christine Taxin
Time: 8:00 am - 11:30 am Code: F09 Cost: $20/$35 after Sept. 29 Date: Friday, Oct. 28

CE Credits:  3 Hour Lecture  |  Subject: Practice Management/Billing & Coding |  Recommended for: Dentists, Office Staff

Our practices have changed in so many ways including the changes dental insurance are making.  The changes can bring your patients into the office four times a year if we learn why they need our treatment as a medical necessity.  We will explore the conditions that will require us to explore the treatment needs and be able to diagnose our patients to achieve the additional revenue.

It will change how we clinically treatment plan since a big part of the course is focused on those diagnostic tools we have already, and how to add more tools that will add additional answers to the secret of medical billing for TMD, Sleep Apnea, Periodontal, Implant, and even Root Canal Therapy, CBCT and so much more.

All trauma is Medical!

Learning Objectives:

  • Name five dental companies that will pay for additional hygiene treatments for patients who have systemic issues.
  • How to add the tools to help us diagnose the conditions.
  • Update Medical History.
  • Learn how to find a diagnostic code, and how to put them in order.
  • The laws that say you can bill medical.

About the Speaker:

Christine Taxin is the Founder and President of Links2Success and Dental Medical Billing.  Both In Advanced Dental Billing and Medical Billing are her specialties.  She has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s leading authorities through her working relationships with prominent doctors at Buffalo State University, Harvard and NYU Dental University, Pacific University.  Ms. Taxin is an esteemed member of AADO, the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), and the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP). She has obtained a fellowship with the Implant Organization and has been ranked in Dentistry Today’s “Leaders in Dental Consulting”. After 19 years of hard work, Ms. Taxin has earned approval from the AMA for all of her go-to Guides teaching medical billing within 10 areas of the Oral Cavity.  Financial Relationship – none reported.

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