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Is Everyone Smiling But You?

David R. Rice, DDS


Time: 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm Code: Cost: $50 | $65 after 9/28 Date: Thursday, Oct 24

Subject:  Practice Success  |  Audience: All Attendees  |  CE Credits: 3 hours Lecture

Course Description:

Success. We all have our own definition of it…or we can. With that, let’s call success your ability to live a self-determined future. You choose your success definition. You get to wake up every day and live your best life. To make that happen, it turns out you and I need three major controls in our life. We need systems control. We need financial control and yes…dentistry…we need clinical control. If you’re savvy, the question that just popped in your head is, “that’s great…how do I gain those three controls?” If you’re savvy, you’re in the right place! It turns out we need three levers to deliver outstanding systems, financial and clinical control. We need people. We need process. We need production. The magic to make it happen lies in what…or shall I say…who…comes first. What comes second and third…and how people, process and production synergistically work with each other all day, every day. Add to that, nine essential accelerators and the core habits that fall within each and you and I get what we’ve been searching for all along. A self-determined future. We get success!

Learning Objectives:

  • Overcome the crisis – learn to captivate & keep your dream team.
  • Tired of subpar insurance reimbursement – learn to reduce &/or eliminate it entirely.
  • Want the reward for all your work – grow your bottom line 25% in 2024.

About the Speaker:

CEO and Founder of the nation’s largest student and new-dentist community, igniteDDS, David R. Rice, DDS travels the world speaking, writing, and connecting today’s top young dentists with tomorrow’s most successful dental practices. In addition to igniteDDS, David is the Chief Editor of DentistryIQ and leads a team-centered, restorative, and implant practice in East Amherst, NY. With 28 years of practice in the books, he’s trained at The Pankey Institute, The Dawson Academy, Spear, and most prolifically at the school of hard knocks.

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