Run Control: Maximize the Schedule, Optimize Productivity

Laura Nelson


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Time: 1:30 pm -5:00 pm Code: T18 Cost: $0/$0 after Sept. 30

Recommended for: Entire Staff | Subject: Practice Management/Scheduling
CE Credits: 3

Course Description:

The schedule in a dental office IMPACTS everyone – the clinical team, the front office team, and even your patients. Understanding how to create and maintain a productive schedule is key to better teamwork, happier patients, and a less stressful environment. This scheduling presentation will help you discover new and innovative ways to be proactive rather than reactive to your schedule and help IMPACT your daily routine in a positive and productive way, and contribute to the ultimate customer service experience for your patients.

Course Objectives:

  • Design a productive schedule that IMPACTS the team.
  • Solve the issues with no shows and cancellations that IMPACT the schedule.
  • Formulate scheduling policies that IMACT and benefit your patients and your team.
  • Produce a schedule that IMPACTS and creates an exceptional patient experience.
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