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Good to Great: Utilizing Orthodontics to Enhance Cosmetic and Prosthetic Dentistry Outcomes

Bruce McFarlane, DMD, BScD, MClD


Time: 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm Code: Cost: $50 | $65 after 9/28 Date: Thursday, Oct 24

Subject:  Orthodontics |  Audience: All Attendees  |  CE Credits: 3 hours Lecture

Course Description:

It is very usual that a candidate for cosmetic or prosthetic dentistry also has a malocclusion. Simply ignoring the malalignments or trying to camouflage them is often not the best nor the most conservative approach. This lecture will explore the reasons why the dentist should often include orthodontics as a necessary component of the comprehensive plan for cosmetic and prosthetic cases. Expert orthodontist Dr. Bruce McFarlane will outline step-by-step protocols and showcase case examples. Participants will be convinced that orthodontics will indeed make many restorative cases transition from good to great. And then will understand when and how, too!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how adding a course of orthodontics to prepare the case can often result in the outcome transitioning from “good” to “great”
  • Learn to identify which protocol to use and where clear aligners can accomplish the changes necessary
  • Discover module software and imaging that makes “beginning with the end in mind” come to life!

About the Speaker: Dr. Bruce McFarlane is a distinguished orthodontist, educator, and mentor. Graduating from the University of Manitoba in 1984 with a Doctor of Dental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science, he then obtained his master’s degree in Orthodontics from the University of Western Ontario in 1992. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and an American Board-Certified Specialist in Orthodontics. For the last 29 years, he has been in private practice in Manitoba, Ontario, and California. A former assistant professor of Graduate Orthodontics at the University of Manitoba, and accomplished author, Dr. McFarlane has established himself as a prominent speaker and educator throughout North America and Europe. For many years he has shared his vast knowledge and experience through ICANDO Inc. and by working as a KOL, speaker, educator, and consultant for Cerum Ortho Organizers, and now, Catapult Education.

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