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This Crown Doesn’t Fit: What the Lab Needs to Make Flawless C+B Cases

Richard Lipscomb, Jr., DDS
Time: 8:00 am – 11:30 am Code: Cost: $50 | $65 after 9/28 Date: Friday, Oct 25

Subject: Restorative Dentistry |  Audience: All Attendees  |  CE Credits: 3 hours Lecture

Course Description:

The key to predictable, well-fitting, functional, and esthetically pleasing crowns and bridges centers around producing margins that everyone can see (the lab technician, the dental assistant, and the dentist) and capturing perfect impressions. Through the use of videos and still images clinicians will learn how to create flawless crown and bridge preparations. Clinicians and their team members will be introduced to methods and materials that will improve the quality and efficiency of both crown preparations and impressions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what dental laboratories are looking for in preparation design and impressions.
  • Learn techniques for creating ideal crown margins.
  • Understand different options to manage soft tissue, which will contribute to capturing a flawless impression.
  • Review techniques on making digital and traditional impressions.

About the Speaker: Dr. Richard Lipscomb Jr. is a graduate of The University of Howard College of Dentistry and an international speaker with lectures specializing in restorative mini dental implants. He has been performing restorative procedures for over 20 years and placing mini dental implants since 2006. During that time, he has overseen hundreds of MDI cases and has gained the experience of providing hands-on training for restorative and mini-implant procedures to other doctors. Dr. Lipscomb is a speaker for Catapult Education’s Speakers Bureau, serves on the editorial advisory board for Dental Product Shopper, and has written several articles for publications including Dental Economics, Dental Products Report, and Dental Product Shopper. Dr. Lipscomb’s unique dental experience includes both private practice and public health service in community health centers. By delivering restorative procedures in a variety of dental environments, he has spent years working with a wide range of resin materials to suit many challenging clinical situations.

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