Timeless Body - Ageless Mind

Janice Hurley
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Code: T28 Cost: $15/$25 after Sept. 30

Recommended for: Entire Staff | Subject: Health & Nutrition | CE Credits: 2

Course Description:

Ever marvel at people who have boundless energy and keep their edge at any age? Want to kick off the covers with confidence and spring out of bed with incredible spirit? Want to be more energized for your busy day? People who appear to have slowed down the aging process and enjoy mental clarity eat certain foods, do specific physical exercises and hold certain beliefs about themselves that support age-defying living. After this session, we’ll have you bouncing out the door with confident living strategies ready to take on the world.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand how choices we make every day impact our health.
  • Get excited about all the elements in your life with which you have control.
  • Feel confident that you can look and feel better tomorrow than you do today.
  • Learn to make small daily changes that will have a big impact.
  • Take pride in your ability to project a more powerful positive self.
  • Design daily habits that have you looking and feeling younger.
  • Get excited about all you can do to increase your energy.
  • Decide to focus on your potential and not your limitations.


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