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Introduction to Dental 3D Printing – Grasping Processes, Potentialities, Material Choices and In-House Laboratory Requirements

Chelsea Homire, CDA, EFDA


Time: 8:00 am- 11:30 am Code: Cost: $35 | $50 after Sept. 28 Date: Thursday, Oct 24

Subject: 3D Printing  |  Audience: All Attendees  |  CE Credits: 3 hours Lecture

Course Description:

This course will explore the world of 3D printing, including an overview of what 3D printing is, the differences between additive and subtractive 3D printing, and the various types of dental 3D printers available. We will discuss how 3D printing can benefit our dental office, our patients, and our careers, as well as the potential job fulfillment it can bring. We will delve into the possibilities of 3D printing and the corresponding workflows, as well as the specific tasks that an assistant can undertake in relation to 3D printing. We will address the health and environmental hazards associated with 3D printing, as well as considerations for resin selection. Furthermore, we will examine the importance of validated versus invalidated workflows, explore different design software options, and discuss the role of artificial intelligence and outsourcing in design. Finally, we will touch on the specific needs and organization of a dental lab in relation to 3D printing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand 3D printing as well as its capabilities and varying printer choices.
  • An understanding of the benefits associated with 3D printing within dental practices, and the accompanying workflows.
  • To equip participants with an operative understanding of how best to select appropriate resin materials for different types of 3D printed appliances.
  • To inform attendees about the requirements needed when contemplating establishing a digital dental lab within their practice premises.

About the Speaker: Since becoming a certified dental assistant in 2010, Chelsea has developed a strong passion for digital dentistry. After completing her CDA at Missouri College and acquiring expanded functions, she then gained experience working in multiple dental offices over a decade. Chelsea had the privilege to dive into 3D printing alongside Dr Dan Pernoud at Lily Dental in Creve Coeur. Collaborating with him has helped elevate her career and opened doors to new possibilities like teaching and consulting. When not taking care of her family (including her daughter Eleanor and two dogs) and managing several rental houses with her husband, she is working in office where her responsibilities include seeing patients and serving as the office’s only lab technician. When providing direct patient care and ensuring their comfort, daily life of a digital dental assistant can include digital CAD/CAM design, hands on lab work, hygiene assisting as needed, general dental assisting, assisting Dr Dan as needed. Her office utilizes SprintRay 3D printing system by utilizing it to fabricate dentures, occlusal guards, surgical guides, models, and more. Chelsea’s office is a fully digital office, and have thrown away our stone grinder, alginate mixer, and impression trays. In addition to experience in Cerec Prime Scan/Mill, iTero, FormLabs, and 3shape technologies, her perspective as a dental assistant brings valuable insights into the world of digital dentistry. Chelsea contributes to the community by teaching assistants from all around the world through online platforms including the Institute of Digital Dentistry, Blue Sky Bio, and The Academy of Chairside Assisting. To further support education within the dental assistant community, she creates YouTube videos that provide practical guidance for implementing digital dentistry and 3D printing into daily practice. These videos are presented using a realistic approach that prepares dental assistants for real-world scenarios. Currently, Chelsea is actively involved with SprintRay as an advisory board member and KOL.

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