SOLD OUT: Perfecting the Provisional Process: Gaining Competence with Materials and Methods Hands-on Workshop

Theresa Groody, DHSc, EFDA, CDA


Time: 8:30 am - 11:30 am Code: T11 Cost: SOLD OUT Date: Thursday, Oct. 27


CE Credits:  3 Hour Participation  |  Subject: Restorative/Dental Assisting |  Recommended for: Assistants | Notes: 24 Assistant attendees. Attendees bring safety glasses.

Specifically designed for the Dental Assistant team member, this course will either familiarize or enhance his/her knowledge level of advances in materials and/or techniques currently available to provide better care for their patients.  The entire process will be reviewed from buildup, type of impression, method to temporize, to selection of cements.

The selection of materials used for provisional and indirect restorative procedures has changed dramatically in the past several years.  Many practices devote a substantial amount of attention to fabricating more than just a functional temporary; today’s provisional crowns and bridges serve as a true trial of the anticipated permanent restoration, assessing contour, shade, gingival response, length, etc.

With increased demands being placed on provisional restorations, new materials and techniques are being developed and some existing protocols are being refined to accomplish desired goals. Regardless of the method of fabrication, any provisional must exhibit knifelike margins, proper contact, contour, and retention.

Participants will have the opportunity to fabricate and trim their choice of provisional (single unit and/or 3-unit bridge) using a pre-prep impression technique during this hands-on program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review steps and material selections of fixed prosthetic appointments.
  • List indications and discuss criteria for all types of clinically acceptable provisionals.
  • Demonstrate procedure for fabrication and trimming/polishing of matrix type provisional.

About the Speaker:

Theresa Groody, DHSc, EFDA, CDA, has worked in clinical and academic dentistry for four decades, teaching Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Lecture and Laboratory courses at Harcum College, in the Philadelphia area, where employed as the Director of Professional Studies.  In 2018, Dr. Groody was reappointed for a second term serving in the newly created EFDA position on the Pennsylvania State Board of Dentistry. As an appointed curriculum consultant for the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), Dr. Groody conducts site visits evaluating assisting programs across the country and completed her doctoral dissertation in 2021, focused on excellence in educating assistants and EFDAs.  Theresa especially enjoys taking Assistants and EFDAs around the country to their next level in her speaking presentations. Financial Relationship – none reported.

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