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Hands-on Workshop for EFDAs on Direct Composites: Sharing our Solutions and Struggles

Theresa Groody, DHSc, EFDA, CDA


Time: 1:30 pm -4:30 pm Code: Cost: $85 | $105 after 9/28 Date: Thursday, Oct 24

Subject:  Direct Composites |  Audience: Dental Assistants |  CE Credits: 3 hours Participation

Limited to: 25 Attendees

Course Description:

Direct composite restorations are among the most frequently performed restorative procedures, yet clinicians often struggle with isolation, placement techniques, creating ideal proximal contacts, and preventing post-operative sensitivity. Success depends on knowledge of materials and how/when to use them, especially in challenging situations. This interactive workshop will invite EFDAs to share their best practice tips on components of a successful direct restoration from proper isolation techniques to polishing methods, as well as how they manage the compromised cases. Novice as well as seasoned EFDAs will benefit from review and practicing something new regarding basic adhesion, when and where to use ‘total-etch’, ‘selective-etch’, and ‘self-etch’ adhesives, various matrix systems, steps of anterior and posterior composite placement, contouring, finishing, and polishing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define adhesion and differentiate generations of dental adhesive systems.
  • Review choices of matrices/materials and suggested techniques for placing, curing, finishing, and polishing composites.
  • Demonstrate sectional matrix/wedge placement and anterior/posterior composite placement techniques.
  • Recognize and share some common causes of composite failure and post-op sensitivity.

About the Speaker: A dynamic and engaging national speaker and educator, Dr. Theresa Groody enjoys taking both dental and expanded functions assistants to their next level facilitating her interactive presentations. She currently teaches Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Lecture and Laboratory courses at Harcum College, where employed as the Director of Professional Studies. In 2018, Dr. Groody was reappointed for her second term serving in the newly created EFDA position on the Pennsylvania Board of Dentistry, and elected as the Board Secretary in 2022

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