The Matrix: A Tooth Trilogy - Hands-On Workshop SOLD OUT

Theresa Groody, M.Ed., EFDA, CDA


Time: 8:30 am - 11:30 am Code: F04 Cost: $60/$70 after Sept. 30

This course is SOLD OUT.

Recommended for: Dental Assistants, EFDAs | Subject: Restorative/Dental Assistants
CE Credits: 3

Note: Limited to 25 attendees.

Course Description:

Designed with all levels of dental assistants in mind, this interactive workshop will review matrix systems to gain competence and confidence with this critical step for consistent interproximal restorations. Assembly and placement of retainers, retainer-less and sectional systems will be practiced, followed by wedge selection/placement. Strictly as an exercise to evaluate the technique of matrix application, composite will be cured, the band will be removed and margins examined.

Course Objectives:

  • Recognize matrix systems used in offices and any challenges routinely faced.
  • Compare and contrast traditional and sectional matrix systems.
  • Assemble, place and evaluate matrix and wedge systems for various preparations.
  • Evaluate matrix technique by examining gingival margin after placing restoration on a model.
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