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Mastering the Art of Dental Coding & Documentation: Up Your Storytelling Game for Optimal Reimbursement

Dilaine Gloege, CDA, CPC


Time: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm Code: F27 Cost: $35 | $50 after 9/26 Date: Friday, Oct. 25

Subject:  Insurance Management |  Audience: All Attendees  |  CE Credits: 3 hours Lecture

Course Description:

In the complex arena of dental practice management, the challenges of coding and documentation stand as formidable adversaries. This course is meticulously designed for dental professionals who are ready to elevate their coding accuracy and documentation finesse to unprecedented levels. Dive deep into the intricacies of the CDT code set, an indispensable toolkit for navigating the reimbursement landscape. This session will unravel the common coding conundrums that often lead to claim denials, equipping you with robust strategies to ensure your coding is not just accurate, but impeccable. But there’s more to this tale. We recognize that at the heart of successful reimbursement lies the power of storytelling through clinical documentation. It’s about communicating medical necessity and treatment intricacies—that it leaves no room for denial. We’re here to transform your approach to documentation, turning each claim into a persuasive story that captivates and convinces.

Learning Objectives:

  • The ability to swiftly identify and correct the most pervasive coding errors, streamlining your claims process for efficiency and accuracy.
  • The art of clinical documentation as a form of storytelling, where every detail contributes to a compelling case for reimbursement.
  • Advanced techniques in documenting medical necessity and treatment justification, significantly boosting your claims’ success rate.

About the Speaker: Dilaine Gloege CDA, CPC began her career in dentistry over 37 years ago as a dental assistant and quickly moved into the roles of business team member and practice administrator. She soon discovered her passion for coding and insurance while solving the most complex administrative challenges. Dilaine is founder of Tidewater Dental Consulting, a dental consulting company with a focus on education for the dental team. She speaks, presents, and coaches on dental and medical billing nationwide. Prior to founding Tidewater Dental Consulting, Dilaine worked alongside Dr. Charles Blair developing coding and insurance resources for the dental team. During her seven years with Dr. Blair and PracticeBooster, she assisted thousands of dental team members with finding solutions for their greatest challenges while helping them gain legitimate insurance reimbursement. She then joined the team at Dental ClaimSupport as Chief Claims Officer and Director of Education where she developed and executed multiple training courses for their Dental Claims Academy. Dilaine is the author of Dental ClaimSupport’s Profitable Guide to Coordination of Benefits for Dentists: Navigate the insurance maze and master the rules of coordination of benefits. Dilaine lives in North Carolina with her husband of 36 years. She enjoys spending time with her four children and four grandchildren.

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