The Art of Furcation Navigation with Ultrasonic Instrumentation Hands-On Workshop

Marianne Dryer, RDH, MEd


Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Code: T25 Cost: $125/$150 after Sept. 29
CE Credits:  3 Hour Participation  |  Subject: Periodontal/Ultrasonic Instrumentation |  Recommended for: Hygienists | Notes: 23 Hygienists attendees. Attendees bring loupes if desired.

This course examines the need for proper foundational skills with periodontal instrumentation with a focus on ultrasonic technique with both magnetostrictive and piezo technology. A review of furcation anatomy through a 3D application will be utilized to explore the nuances of multi-rooted teeth.

A review of proper adaptation, angulation, and adaptation will be discussed as well as the features and advantages of using ultrasonics in deep periodontal pockets to achieve better clinical outcomes. These fundamental principles will then be applied to advanced instrumentation in the periodontal patient with a focus on furcation involvement and areas of challenging anatomical access. An examination of periodontal hand instruments will be covered to maximize instrumentation in the Stage III and Stage IV patient. Maintenance of ultrasonic inserts, tips will and hand instrumentation will be discussed along with optimum water management and individual patient considerations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply the Evidence-Based Decision Making (EBDM) process to periodontal instrumentation
  • Develop an understanding of the role ultrasonic instrumentation in biofilm reduction and access to anatomical
  • Identify the steps to ensure thorough removal of deposits and biofilm utilizing slim and ultrathin inserts/tips with an exploratory
  • Examine current trends in implant maintenance and the need to be current with the research when choosing debridement


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