Posterior Provisional Restorations Hands-on Workshop

Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA


Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Code: T19 Cost: $80/$105 after Sept. 28 Date: Thursday, October 26

CE Credits: 3 Hour Participation  |  Subject: Dental Assisting/Posterior Provisionals | Recommended for: Dental Assistants 

Provisional restoration is a critical phase in the treatment of the dental patient. The design for the provisional restoration begins with gathering diagnostic information, which includes the desires of the patient and dental team. The hardest part of the fabrication process is not the trimming or the finishing but the carving of the anatomy and the occlusion.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how provisional restorations have become a vital diagnostic and assessment tool to evaluate the function, color, shape, contour, occlusion, periodontal response, implant healing, and overall esthetics.
  • How to fabricate direct and indirect provisionals to provide accurate fit and margination that is essential to ensuring and maintaining pulpal health.
  • How to trim, finish, repair, and polish provisionals to create exquisite fit and aesthetics
  • Choose cementation techniques for partial and full coverage provisionals.
  • How to create a better alternative to a “flipper” using a clear retainer and composite technique.

About the Speaker:

Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, is a national and international speaker and published author. She has been a full-time practicing dental assistant for more than 25 years and works for Dr. Robert Korman in Virginia Beach, VA. She is an active member of the AACD, was the first auxiliary to sit on the AACD Board of Directors, and was awarded the AACD Rising Star Award. Shannon was selected one of Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Clinicians. She was also selected as Dental Products Report’s 25 most influential women in dentistry and Dr. Bicuspid’s dental assisting educator of the year. She has written more than 300 articles about clinical applications and has a current column in Dental Product Reports for team evaluations of dental products and materials. She has her own publication for dental assistants in partnership with Schein Dental called Side by Side. She has started one of the first online platforms designated for dental assistants called the Academy of Chairside Assisting. Financial Relationship – none reported.

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