Minimally Invasive Exodontia Techniques Hands-on Workshop

John L. Alonge, MS, DDS
Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Code: F33 Cost: $550/$585 after Sept. 30

This course is ALMOST FULL.

Recommended for: Dentists | Subject: Oral Surgery | CE Credits: 3

Note: Limited to 20 attendees.

Participants to bring: loupes.

Prerequisite: Dr. Alonge’s morning lecture is required.

Course Description:

Have you been searching for a course that gives you hands-on training with surgical techniques? You will want to take advantage of this hard-to-find opportunity to improve your surgical technique through hands-on training using custom models.  Dr. Alonge will guide you through hands-on exercises allowing you to become more proficient with: 1) surgical instrumentation, 2) routine and surgical exodontia, 3) third molar extractions, and 4) socket preservation grafting. You will return to your office with new skills that will allow you to perform your surgical procedures with greater efficiency and predictability.

Custom Oral Surgery Manikin Models will be used during the workshop, which attendees will be able to take home.

Course Objectives:

  • Perform alternative incision and flap designs to remove mandibular third molars.
  • Utilize surgical burs, hand-pieces, and elevators for rapid removal of teeth.
  • Utilize specialty anatomic forceps for efficient and atraumatic surgery.
  • Position instruments, patients, and yourself to accomplish proficient routine and surgical dentoalveolar procedures.
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