CBCT Imaging and Interpretation Hands-On Workshop

Kenneth Abramovitch, DDS, MS
Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Code: T23 Cost: $350/$400 after Sept. 29
CE Credits:  3 Hour Participation  |  Subject: CBCT/Radiology  |  Recommended for: Dentists, Hygienists | Notes: 12 Dentist & Hygienists attendees | Prior Knowledge: Some experience opening up scans & scanning through multiplanar viewers is preferred

This is a hands-on participation class.  Participants will need a Windows-based laptop computer so that they can download 12 CBCT volumes loaded in a DICOM viewing software.  Mac Computers will be acceptable if it has the Windows panel.

In class, participants will get a chance to work with pre-selected imaging software to obtain the best (most diagnostic) reconstructions and then develop a working diagnosis based on their image reconstructions.  The faculty will then review the case evaluation and diagnoses. This will be done for each of the 12 cases.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review CBCT scan data and subsequent panoramic and multiplanar reconstructions to identify hard tissue pathology.
  • Be able to detect CT features of common periapical disease processes and other cysts and tumors in the alveolar and basal bone of the maxilla and mandible.
  • Be able to recognize unusual radiologic appearances that may or may not warrant additional evaluation.
  • Be able to identify temporomandibular joint changes including articular surface changes and other forms of systemic or adaptive (remodeling) changes.
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